Workforce Recruitment Program

QWE Practice Guideline: 311 – Develop relationships with local organizations and the business community to provide opportunities for enhancing skills development and employment

Target group: Any organization interested in hiring individuals with disabilities and increasing its employee diversity.

Practice Summary

The Department of Labors Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) connects federal and private-sector employers looking to hire people with disabilities with college students/graduates with disabilities that are seeking employment.

Practice Implementation

  • Review the full program documents and registration links
    • The WRP is an annual program and participants must register by the noted due dates.
    • Registration options are available for schools, employers, recruiters, and students with disabilities
    • Requirements and expectations are outlined for each participant group
      • Students must be either a full-time undergraduate or have graduated on or after April 1st two years prior. Students must also be U.S. citizens that are eligible for the federal Schedule A Hiring Authority program. Students need to connect with their schools WRP representative to complete registration documentation and be connected to available employers and job opportunities.
      • Recruiters must be federal employees and must obtain supervisor approval to participate. Recruiters will conduct informational interviews with students.
      • Employers are considered any federal government employee and private-sector employers. Employers can search for candidates, review resumes, and connect directly with applicants.
      • Schools must be a U.S. postsecondary institution that is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Schools are recommended to have at least 8 eligible students and will act as the coordinators between students and employers.
    • Once registered, school coordinators will be in charge of supporting students through the application process and helping them schedule informational interviews with recruiters.


  • Since 1995, thousands of students have obtained temporary and permanent employment opportunities.
  • Participating in the program can lead employers to increased diversity, increased job fulfillment, and increased community partnerships.
  • Students with disabilities that participate in the program benefit from increased job preparation training and connections to job opportunities.

NPA: U.S. Department of Labor
Location: Washington, DC
Date Submitted: 2022