Transition Services - Community Partnerships

QWE Practice Guideline: 310: Partner with organizations and peers in the local community

Target group: Any organization supporting or employing students with disabilities

Practice Description

Working relationships focused on supporting and creating awareness of transition programs available to transition aged students.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff or individual with knowledge of transition services and resource

Labor hours

  • Staff and/or volunteer time to host transition events, conduct transition service meetings, and research opportunities


  • Fee for service options, so school districts can pay to send students to transition programs during the year
  • Division of Developmental Disabilities provides funding for students to attend employment related programs

Implementation Process


  • Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with local school districts
  • Participate in local transition fairs and conferences
  • Develop a comprehensive summer program in collaboration with the local Division of Developmental Disabilities and local school districts


  • Build relationships with community organizations
  • Prepare students with disabilities for opportunities they can pursue after graduation

NPA: Beacon Group
Location: Tucson, AZ
Date Submitted: 2011