Snacks to You

QWE Practice Guideline: 231: Develop diverse business opportunities that allow employees to have choice and options

Target group: Any organization employing or supporting individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

A food service program was developed to retain employees, provide new training and work options, collaborate with community organizations, and maintain customized employment services.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff with knowledge of food handling practices and business management for food services


  • Kitchen space and related equipment
  • Packaging and delivery materials
  • Food products and storage

Labor hours

  • Staff to train and manage program
  • Staff to manage food preparation, packaging, delivery, clean up, maintenance, and so on


  • Community partnerships for space and start up costs/equipment

Implementation Process


  • Vocation Plus partnered with their local Masonic Lodge to bring its kitchen up to code and pass strict Department of Health inspections
  • A formal application was submitted, so the program could be licensed by the Department of Health as a catering business
  • Staff attended classes and became certified food handlers
  • Sales routes connected to over 80 businesses in the local area were developed
  • Training staff on program processes and the variety of job opportunities
    • Prep work
    • Cooking
    • Cleanup
    • Menu planning
    • Shopping
    • Stocking
    • Inventory control
    • Making change
    • Reading temperatures
    • Telling time
    • Sales
  • A program plan was developed to layout the work week, staff labor hours, and salaries
    • Monday is used for shopping and preparation
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are operation/sales days
    • Fridays are for wrap up and additional community integration
  • Income is used to restock the food, pay staff salaries, and build capital


  • SOPs
    • Policies and procedures for running food operations, sales management, staff management, and so on
  • Training
    • Food handling
    • Sales
    • Soft and hard skills


  • The Snacks for You program employees 25-30 individuals
  • Income averages $10,000 a month
  • The program also serves as entry level job training and transition work


  • Full practice can be found at CARF

NPA: Vocation Plus
Location: Fresno, CA
Date Submitted: Practice submitted by Vocation Plus to Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Employment and Community Services Promising Practices Newsletter.