Rehabilitation Technologist

QWE Practice Guideline: 134: Establish and sustain organizational commitment to Assistive Technology

Target group: Any organization employing and/or supporting the employment of individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

A Rehabilitation Technologist is on staff to assess technology and accommodation needs, then make recommendations.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff member with knowledge of Assistive Technology and assessing needs.
    • Certification in assistive technology preferred
  • Budget dedicated to Rehabilitation Technologist (or similar) position.

Implementation Process

  • The Rehabilitation Technologist meets with employees with disabilities individually to discuss the challenges they face and how it impacts the type of work they do daily.
  • The Rehabilitation Technologist creates an evaluation and makes recommendations as to what is needed and what should be purchased.

NPA: Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation (Phoenix)
Location: Huntsville, AL
Date Submitted: 2013