Public Transportation Advocacy

QWE Practice Guideline: 430: Promote accommodations and accessibility

Target group: Any organization employing and/or supporting individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

Crossroads Industrial Services’ Human Resources Manager is a member of the Mobility Advisory Committee (MAC) for the City of Indianapolis, advocating for transportation needs of individuals with disabilities

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff with knowledge of staff transportation needs, community/state transportation offerings, and advocacy experience



  • A member of management joined a committee in the city’s public transportation department
    • He/she attends committee meetings and public meetings to advocate for current transportation needs
    • Transportation is a significant barrier for individuals with disabilities, so the manager is knowledgeable about current transportation issues for staff and correlated issues within the community and government


  • SOPs
    • Policies and procedures for connecting with government agencies and representing the organization
  • Training
    • Staff should have regular advocacy and networking training



  • Over 60% of Crossroads Industrial Services’ employees use public transportation to get to and from work. These employees benefit from the advocacy efforts that have helped maintain routes without adding cost.


  • The organization has a workforce that can use public transportation without added cost or stress related to changing routes.
  • The organization also benefits from being able to continue to recruit prospective employees who need to use public transportation.
  • Enhanced collaboration with community and government services

NPA: Crossroads Industrial Services
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date Submitted: 2012