Non-Monetary Incentives Program

QWE Practice Guideline: 142 – Implement non-monetary incentives

Target group: Any organization that employees or supports individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

Promote a fun and safe work environment through a variety of non-monetary incentives

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff with knowledge of employees motivators and incentive options


  • May vary based on the types of incentives offered

Labor hours

  • Time for staff to implement and manage incentives

Implementation Process


  • Survey employees to understands motivators and needs
  • Develop programs based on survey responses that fall within company budget and capacity
  • Work with local organizations to assess opportunities and build community relationships for employees to utilize
  • Programs in place at Challenge Unlimited include the following:
    • Welcome to the Company cards for new hires
    • Anniversary Cards
    • New Hire Mentor Program
    • Question and Answer hotline
    • Pass Down/Pass Up communications
    • PBL System
    • Chat sessions
    • Company newsletter
    • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Recognition Program
    • Recognizing employee contributions
    • Rise to the Challenge Program
    • Employee Years of Service Breakfast
    • Employee Referral Program
    • Company Coin Recognition Program
    • Thank You cards from managers
    • Special Event Ticket giveaways
    • Contests and drawings
    • Corporate Citizenship opportunities
    • Keep Healthy Program
    • Contract Procurement Incentive Plan
    • Special holiday activities and gifts
    • Special events
    • Flexible work schedules
    • Unpaid personal time
    • Early dismissal opportunities
    • Manager and Senior Manager Open Door Policy
    • Quality of Work/Life Surveys
    • Training opportunities


  • SOPs
    • Policies and procedures for implementation and management of various incentives
  • Training
    • Staff training to understand how to access and utilize incentives


  • Individual: Individuals feel valued; individuals feel recognized; individuals feel included; increased satisfaction; individuals have fun at work; increase communication; individuals feel free to communicate/ask questions/make comments
  • Organization: Cultivate company culture; promote a safe work environment; promote a fun work environment; recognize employees; increased communication; reward individuals & teams for outstanding performance; offer perks to all employees; decreased employee turnover

NPA: Challenge Unlimited, Inc.
Location: Alton, IL
Date Submitted: 2011