New Employee Orientation

QWE Practice Guideline: 223: Provide employee training and development opportunities that assist the individual in attaining the skills needed to advance both within and outside the agency.

Target group: Any organization employing individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

Goodwill of Central Indiana provides a 5 ½ day program for new employee orientation.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • HR staff or new hire representative
  • Subject matter expert or training manager from the department a new employee will be working in


  • Based on how employees are set up to access work tasks
    • Computer, attendance tracker, new hire paperwork, etc.
  • Based on tasks employee will complete
    • Cleaning materials, software programs, etc.

Implementation Process

  • New hire orientation is a 5 ½ day program.
  • New employees are trained on soft skills, life skills, and hard skills.
    • Soft skill training covers behavior, time management, customer satisfaction, good stewardship, respect for oneself and others, informed decision making, and continuous improvement.
      • An Employee Development specialist provides soft skill training and administers self-assessments.
        • Assessments are scored and a SWOT analysis is created to provide a more tailored assessment.
        • Assessments have developed a way for the onsite supervisor to know how their employees learn, where they excel, and what challenges them.
    • Hard skills training covers process improvement, physical job tasks, and on the job training.
      • Specialized trainers come in to provide specific training, such as janitorial and quality management.
  • Once a new hire has completed orientation and the assessment, he or she is given a red colored lanyard. 
    • Each colored lanyard represents a skill level.

NPA: Goodwill of Central Indiana
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date Submitted: 2013