Money Smart Classes

QWE Practice Guideline: 310: Partner with organizations and peers in the local community

Target group: Any organization employing or supporting individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

Partner with local banks to provide financial education to employees and the community.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Employees, consultants, or vendors with financial literacy expertise


  • Training space



  • Build partnerships with local banks willing to volunteer time to offer financial literacy training
    • Bank staff conduct the training and offer real life experience to highlight each lesson
  • Utilize the FDIC Money Smart program, which focuses on learning to manage your money
  • Classes can be held where its most beneficial to employees
    • Goodwill of Middle Georgia holds some classes on a local air force base to give its AbilityOne employees a chance to attend
  • Classes are offered to employees, customers, and the public


  • SOPs
    • Policies and procedures for implementing and managing the program, including partnerships with the banks


  • Individual
    • Employees increased their ability to manage their money, make better financial decisions, learn to budget, and assess the risk associated with purchases and investments
  • Organization
    • Financial education for employees has decreased work stress, improved focus on work tasks, and positively impacted employees on a personal level

NPA: Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia
Location: Macon, GA
Date Submitted: Practice submitted in 2012 as part of QWE assessment

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook