Job Wanted Posters

QWE Practice Guideline: 212: Communicate career development information and advancement opportunities in a range of accessible formats for employees with disabilities.

Target group: Any organization supporting the employment of individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

Jobs Wanted Posters have the pictures and brief descriptions of the types of employment they are seeking.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff or third party with knowledge of how to develop marketing materials in poster form


  • Printer that can handle poster type documents
  • Poster board

Implementation Process

  • The posters are displayed at the entrance of ODC and throughout the building.
  • Included are "success" banners across the pictures of individuals who have been successful in finding jobs.
  • As more stakeholders are made aware of specific people who are looking for jobs, the number of contacts and connections are increased leading to greater employment possibilities and options.
  • Celebrating the success of job searches further promotes interest for other individuals to attempt community employment.
  • The posters also invigorate and motivate other people with a disability who want their pictures on the wall.


  • Individual:  Consumers are interested in and motivated to move to community employment.
  • Organization:  Generates awareness by potential employers of ODC as a resource for potential employees with disabilities. Generates greater awareness of ODC’s community employment programs.

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Date Submitted: 2012