Jardin by the River - Career and Program Development

QWE Practice Guidelines: 111: Design and implement a range of training programs to improve productivity, enhance wages, and optimize job success

112: Must meet needs of client population and be accessible.

431: Educate and inform local community regarding disabilities – increase awareness in all sectors and businesses.

Target group: Adults with significant Disabilities-many of Gateways clients present with multiple disabilities, cognitive, psychiatric, and medical conditions such as high blood pressure.

Practice Description

Started and are maintaining a garden to cultivate nutritious fresh foods for consumption by clients as well as the sale of excess harvest. Also developed a garden center retail business and created a venue for special events that can be rented by community residents.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Volunteers and/or organizations with agricultural knowledge


  • Gardening space
  • Books and literature about gardening
  • Irrigation system
  • Greenhouse tunnel
  • Heating system
  • Flower and produce seeds
  • Retail space

Labor hours

  • Staff, clients, and volunteer time to maintain garden and equipment as well as retail operations


  • SourceAmerica QWE grant
  • In-kind support from local organizations
  • Below market value lease for space
  • Sale of summer plants

Implementation Process


  • Connect with individuals in the community with experience and willingness to be involved
  • Obtain and set up equipment
  • Conduct training on the use of equipment and gardening
  • Prepare soil
  • Plant seeds
  • Maintain garden through watering and weeding
  • Harvest produce and flower
  • Dry flowers and prepare produce for sale
  • Set up and sell items in retail space


  • SOPs
    • Policies and procedures for gardening, maintenance, and sales
  • Training
    • Documented training of staff, volunteers, and clients


  • Fresh grown foods and flowers were harvested and distributed to all program clients
  • Complete renovation of the retail space at the garden
  • Over 20 program participants trained, worked, and benefitted from the enhanced integration into the community
  • New skill sets acquired by ALL during the development of this project which will be able to provide ongoing training for individuals with disabilities
  • Seeing the transformation of this once run down, useless piece of property with the town’s once active swimming pool has stimulated the community to rethink its rejuvenation as a whole

NPA: Gateway Industries Inc.
Location: Ronceverte, WV
Date Submitted: 2021
Website: https://gatewayindustrieswv.org/