Family Engagement in Competitive Employment

QWE Practice Guideline: 162 – Empower employees with disabilities to maximize their employment potential

Target group: Employment professionals supporting individuals with disabilities

Practice Summary

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has developed a train-the-trainer program to be used by employment professionals. The training prepares employment professionals to engage families of individuals with disabilities in the employment process. The curriculum includes step-by-step instructions, videos, and handouts.

Practice Implementation

  • Review the training materials and download all relevant documentation
    • Two training options are available and either one or both can be conducted depending on client and community needs
      • A Future that Includes Employment: A Workshop for Families
      • Lighting the Way: Helping Families See Possibilities in Competitive Employment
    • Both trainings provide presenter notes, presentation documents, worksheets, handouts, videos, and example documents
    • Both trainings include a Positive Personal Profile, which is used to assess an individual’s interests, knowledge, abilities, and skills
    • Materials are free and reproduceable
  • Conducting the training should take into account the size of the training space and capacity of the organizations staff. Also consider the needs of participants, including
    • Learning methodologies
    • Accessibility
    • Accommodations
    • Time constraints
    • Travel constraints
  • After training, follow-up with families should be conducted to ensure
    • Understanding of training and associated materials
    • How to access shared resources
    • How to attend additional training opportunities


  • Trained employment professionals will gain the capacity to engage families of individuals with disabilities in the employment process.
  • Organizations will benefit from the improved support of employees with disabilities as family members are able to help employees better meet the challenges of navigating the disability employment landscape.
  • A decreased disruption in work attendance and productivity should also occur as family members become partners in the employment process.

NPA: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Location: Detroit, MI
Date Submitted: 2022