Employee Wellness Program

QWE Practice Guideline: 420: Provide a healthy and safe environment

Target group: Any organization supporting and/or employing individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

An Employee Wellness Program was developed to support the physical and emotional well-being of all employees.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff with wellness training or a wellness consultant

Partnerships with health-related organizations in the community



  • All employees can utilize the Employee Wellness Program
  • Wellness resources are accessed through a Wellness Navigator System that can provided referrals on a wide range of company and community supports
    • One example is the Komen Foundation, which provides breast cancer awareness
  • Community supports sponsor activities focused on wellness both within and outside of the organization
  • Employees are also offered free health screenings and annual flu shots

NPA: Work Services Corporation
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Date Submitted: 2011
Website: https://www.workservicescorp.com/