Employee Self-Service Payroll Web Portal

QWE Practice Guideline: 446: Include employees with disabilities in electronic access to organizational information and resources

Target group: All organizations that employ persons with disabilities

Practice Description

To cut back on paper waste and staff time involved in generating paper check stub and give employees easy access to payroll information, ENMRSH established an Employee Self-Service Web Portal (ENMRSH-ESS). The ENMRSH-ESS web portal allows employees to access their current and historic paycheck information from any computer with internet access. This information is accessed through a secure web portal via a link from ENMRSH's website.  Employees can access this web portal to view and/or print their current and historic W2 information as well. The web portal ties directly to the software that ENMRSH uses to generate payroll and current paycheck information is available via the web as soon as payroll has been posted to the individual’s account.

Resources Needed

  • Purchase of Employee Self-Service module to interface with existing payroll processing software.
  • Purchase of a third-party security certificate for the Employee Self-Service.
  • Dedicated computer to host web portal software.
  • Staff time involved in training employees on ENMRSH-ESS. 
  • Operating budget for yearly software support and minimal equipment maintenance.
  • Funding
    • QWE Grant funding up to $7500 is applicable to this practice.


  • Individual: Employees can access ENMRSH - ESS web portal at their convenience for paycheck information.  It is no longer necessary for employees to make contact with Payroll and Human Resource Departments to obtain paper copies.
  • Organizational: By implementing the ENMRS -ESS, ENMRSH realized cost savings benefits from both supplies and staff time.

Location: Colvis, NM
Date Submitted: 2020
Website: https://enmrsh.org/