Employee Intranet - Ask DORIS

QWE Practice Guideline: 440: Provide and improve accommodations and the use of assistive technology to increase employee access to work and productivity

Target group: All organizations that employ persons with disabilities

Practice Description

Ask DORIS is MVLE's intranet system that incorporates the organization's values of Diversity, Opportunity, Respect, Integrity and Success by providing increased communication and inclusion.

Resources Needed

  • Accessible computer systems

Implementation Process

  • In addition to providing current news and developments, employees have access to MVLE's information and documents such as reports, policies, procedures, commonly used forms, and myriad other resources.
  • Employees are also able to access the organization's strategic planning and performance measurement systems.
  • Ask DORIS is available to employees with significant disabilities and staff members through any computer that is intranet accessible.
  • Computer labs within each of the centers are open and available to the entire MVLE community.

Location: Springfield, VA
Date Submitted: 2013
Website: https://www.mvle.org/