Diversity and Inclusion Program

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Practice Summary

Chevron has developed a diversity and inclusion program that encompasses a wide variety of options and activities to meet the various needs and interests of staff.

Practice Implementation

  • The variety of options provided for staff by Chevron’s diversity and inclusion program are outlined below:
    • Women's Network
    • Men Advocating Real Change
    • Racial Equity through education, black talent and leadership development, job creation, and community and small partnerships
    • Thurgood Marshall College Fund support and participation on the board of directors
    • Eats Oakland Youth Development Center support
    • Chevron Leadership Academy
    • Supplier Diversity Governance Board
    • Domestic Partner Benefits
    • Trans-Inclusive Health Care
    • Non-discriminatory Policy includes sexual orientation
    • The Chevron Way, includes diversity action plans for every employee
    • Variety of diversity councils integrated into business units and strategies
    • Engineering opportunities for women
    • Partnerships with governments, communities, and educational pathways
    • Internship program focused on early career development
    • Welcome Back program
    • Neurodiversity Employment Program
    • Opportunity@Work program
    • Diversity Scholarship Program
    • Internal mentorship opportunities
    • Variety of employee resource groups
    • Asian Employee Network
    • Black Employee Network
    • Boola Moort Employee Network (Indigenous Australian focused)
    • ENABLED Employee Network (ENhancing ABilities and LEveraging Disabilities)
    • Filipino Employee Network
    • Native American Employee Network
    • PRIDE Employee Network (Promoting Respect, Inclusion & Dignity for Everyone)
    • Somos Employee Network (Latin America and Hispanic)
    • Stages Employee Network (Mid and Late career)
    • Veterans Employee Network\
    • Women’s Employee Network
    • XYZ Employee Network (Early and Mid career)
  • View additional information about these and other programs.


  • Organizations providing a diversity and inclusion program for staff can strengthen areas within the workplace that are struggling or need to grow. Staff may also be more inspired, innovative, agile, and trustworthy.

NPA: Chevron
Date Submitted: 2022
Website: https://www.chevron.com/