Disability Employment and Inclusion Program Guide

QWE Practice Guideline: 162 – Empower employees with disabilities to maximize their employment potential.

Target group: Any organization seeking to develop a robust work environment that supports the inclusion of people with disabilities and sets employees up for success.

Practice Summary

Poses Family Foundations Workplace Initiative has developed a guide for organizations to use in building an inclusive disability employment program, including development, implementation, and management of the program.

Practice Implementation

  • This guide offers 7 phases to define and layout for an Inclusive Disability Employment Program. Resources are also offered for further research and support. View the full guide.
  • The 7 phases of the guide are:
    • Business Case – confirm the importance of hiring people with disabilities utilizing data
    • Defining Your Initiative – develop a clear purpose for hiring people with disabilities and ensure it aligns with the organization's culture and vision
    • Planning Process – define program objectives, organizational readiness, and the design of the program
    • Community Partners – discover program partners from the local community and determine the best way to collaborate with them
    • Building Your Culture – develop a plan to communicate and market the program both internally and externally
    • Screening and Reviews – consider how to navigate the process of screening job applicants and reviewing performance
    • Measuring Success – establish metrics for evaluating the success of the program


  • Utilizing this guide should lead to improved program outcomes including increased recognition of diversity and inclusion as a company value, provision of effective accommodations to employees, and an increased qualified talent pool.

NPA: The Poses Family Foundation
Location: New York City, NY
Date Submitted: 2022
Website: http://www.posesfamilyfoundation.org