Custodial Apprenticeship Program

QWE Practice Guideline: 111 – Provide training on hard and soft skills

Target group: Any organization employing or supporting individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

Training program offering pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship opportunities

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Trained and certified instructors
  • On-the-job trainers


  • Curriculum notebook
  • Basic custodial cleaning equipment

Labor hours

  • Staff training time


  • Classroom workforce readiness/skills preparation were unpaid. On-the-job work preparation (weeks 4 and 5) were funded through SourceAmerica AbilityOne Employee Training Support Grant; Journeyman hours were part of ECVC employee’s wages

Implementation Process


  • Coordination with local Community College system responsible for State Registered Apprenticeship Programs. Create training curriculums and salaries.
  • 63 classroom hours of workforce readiness/skills preparation and 2000 on the job hours towards Journeyman Certificate


  • Program policies and procedures
  • Training curriculum
  • Apprentice’s participation documents/forms for registration through the Community College Apprenticeship program


  • Goal of a minimum of 6 participants to successfully complete the Pre-Apprenticeship workforce readiness/skills preparation. Selected Journeyman participants may vary depending on the organizations goals.
  • Higher skill and more workforce ready individuals. The workforce readiness/skills preparations can be used in any industry, not just custodial.


Higher paying wages; more engaged satisfied employees

  • What was helpful? Yes
    • Why? Individuals were given tools upfront to be successful and were engaged in how to be successful


  • What was a barrier? Could be time consuming
    • How did you overcome it? Motivations along the way, weekly token ($25 gift card). Celebratory graduation after classroom hours completed. Invited families and friends to celebrate.

Location: Greenville, NC
Date Submitted: 2019