Community Resource Collaboration

QWE Practice Guideline: 331 – Develop relationship with educational/training organizations to enhance skills acquisition and training opportunities for employees with disabilities

Target group: Any organization supporting and/or employing individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

Collaborate with community training partners to increase employment opportunities for students (youth aged 14-17) with disabilities

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff or consultant with experience in community partnership development

Labor hours

  • Time for staff to conduct visits and hold meetings with potential community partners
  • Time for staff to follow up and connect staff to job opportunities with community partners

Implementation Process


  • Assess current and future employment training needs of students, youth aged 14-17, with disabilities
  • Research training partners in the local community that can meet training needs
  • Collaborate with training partners to develop and implement training programs that will meet and enhance the employment skill sets needed by students with disabilities
  • Monitor progress of programs and adjust as needed to ensure success


  • SOPs
    • Policies and procedures for student needs assessment and partnering with local training businesses
  • Training
    • Research approved needs assessments for youth with disabilities

NPA: Nobis Enterprises, Inc.
Location: Marietta, GA
Date Submitted: 2019