The Assistive Technology & Employment Toolkit

QWE Practice Guideline: 134 – Establish and sustain organizational commitment to assistive technology for employees with disabilities

Target group: Any organization employing and/or supporting individuals with disabilities

Practice Description

A selection of tools focused on increasing awareness of assistive technology (AT), and helping organizations select and acquire assistive technology.

Resources Needed

Subject matter experts/trainers

  • Staff or consultant with knowledge of and experience with assistive technology options


  • Computer and internet access
  • Telephone access
  • Assistive technology will be based on the needs of employees

Labor hours

  • Time for staff to learn about assistive technology, connect with community organizations, and connect employees with disabilities to assistive technology resources as appropriate


  • Develop a funding strategy focused on
    • What is needed and why
    • Market cost of AT and related services
  • Consider funding sources that align with AT

Implementation Process


  • Understand the purpose of the AT Toolkit and how it relates to the Assistive Technology Act of 2004 (ATA)
  • Understand who will benefit from using the toolkit and develop a list of your organization’s users, both internal and external
  • Develop a list of local agencies and stakeholders that may want to use or benefit from your AT program
  • Assess your current AT Program (consider the following questions, but don’t limit yourself to these)
    • What do you already offer?
    • What do you need, based on?
      • Services you offer
      • People you serve
    • What is your current capacity?
    • What options does your state offer? Local community?
      • Is there an AT Program in your state?
  • Define what AT will mean to your program, ensuring it meets the requirements of the ATA
  • Define the AT services you will offer
  • Based on your AT Program assessment and definitions, complete the following
    • Consult with AT providers
    • Complete formal assessment for those AT needs you currently have and will soon provide
    • Order needed AT
    • Schedule installation
    • Provide training on the use of AT for employees using the AT and those supporting the employees
  • Always include those who will be using the AT in the decision-making process to ensure their needs are met
  • Additional information and resources can be found here.


  • SOPs
    • Policies and procedures for
      • Connecting with local agencies and community resources
      • Assessing and purchasing AT
      • Implementing and using AT
  • Training
    • Staff training on how to assess for AT needs, find appropriate AT, implement AT, and use AT
    • Staff training on supporting employees that use AT



  • Increased job opportunities and upward mobility
  • Increased access to AT and supports
  • Increased morale


  • Improved productivity
  • Access to larger pipeline of employees
  • Increased collaboration with local agencies and community resources

NPA: Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center
Date Submitted: 2022