Pathways to Careers

Making the American Dream Accessible to All

SourceAmerica®’s Pathways to Careers Program is based on the premise that the American Dream should be accessible to all, including people with disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Currently, only a narrow path to employment is open to this diverse group of talented individuals, and nearly 70 percent remain outside the workforce. Pathways to Careers is working to change this by providing employment support to those with disabilities by:

  • Creating a path that expands competitive and integrated employment options
  • Exposing job seekers to a variety of work settings and experiential learning opportunities
  • Providing the knowledge, skills, and choices needed for success
  • Engaging employers to host internships, offer employment, and provide resources needed for job seekers to attain full inclusion
  • Matching the right person to the right job to to benefit both job seekers and employers

Resources to Boost Your Job Offerings

Pathways to Careers works with organizations that employ people with disabilities and with employers who wish to create a more inclusive workplace. The program provides numerous resources to support these goals:

  • Training and technical assistance
  • Live and archived webinars
  • Financial assistance
  • Evaluation of current funding streams to align with resource offerings

Partner with Pathways

Nonprofit Organizations

If your nonprofit employs people with disabilities and you want to learn more about partnering with Pathways, we will help you build customized internships and employment services to engage with employers in your community. We can also help you to become a Pathways demonstration site with the full range of Pathways services.

Our staff will develop an implementation strategy to align with your state funding, help you determine staffing for program planning and implementation, and create public awareness of your organization’s participation.

View an array of Pathways training resources that can be customized to meet your organization’s needs
“If there are parents out there who are considering programs like this for their children, I would say go for it.”
Family Member of Pathways Participant

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For businesses looking to build a diverse, inclusive workforce that benefits both job seekers and your present employees, look to Pathways.

As an employer partner, our staff will visit your work site to assess your talent needs and job opportunities. We will let you know about incentives and resources available to employers that provide integrated community employment. And, we offer support for retention of Pathways employees.

Employers benefit from a diverse talent pool, internal and external support to hire, train, and retain those with disabilities, and the chance to create a company-wide approach for an inclusive workforce.

“The difference between this program and other internship programs for people with disabilities is that it was a two-way street.“
Employer Partner
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Pathways to Careers - Spotlight on Success: Zane

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Job Seekers

If you are looking for a job, our network of more than 700 nonprofits provides employment services and job opportunities to people with disabilities. Use our nonprofit locator to connect with a nonprofit in your area.

“These companies that are stepping forward and saying, ‘We want them to be part of us.’ You’re just not alone anymore. That’s the best part.”
Family Member of Pathways Participant
Watch Video:
Pathways to Careers - Spotlight on Success: Drevon

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