Supplemental Security Income Reform

Currently, there are many policy initiatives aimed at increasing wages for workers, including state changes to the minimum wage and President Joe Biden’s Executive Order to raise the minimum wage for services contractors to $15 per hour. 

In considering changes to wage policies, including increasing the minimum wage, policymakers must acknowledge and address the potential for creating a work disincentive for many individuals with disabilities who receive Supplemental Security Income. Currently, when an individual reaches a certain income level, they lose access to SSI benefits. The maximum amount of SSI benefits individuals with disabilities are eligible to receive and save has not been adjusted in decades. 

Congress and policymakers should consider legislation and initiatives that would not only address the issue of individuals losing significant and necessary benefits as they gain work but also eliminate the disincentives and penalties to allow individuals to save money. 


Policy Recommendations

Support the reintroduction of the following in the 118th Congress:

  • The SSI Restoration Act
  • The SSI Savings Penalty Elimination Act

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