Celebrating the Force of Our Network

We’re so excited that you’ll be joining us for the National Conference beginning May 17!

As part of the Celebration of Our Network session on Wednesday, May 19, we want to showcase the great work that you’ve been doing and celebrate our collective spirit.

You’re invited to submit a short, 15-20 second video clip. Narrate your clip with your name, organization, location, and tell us your experience in just a few sentences. You can also send us some photos of your team or an event from the last year. Be sure all video and photo files are properly titled with your organization’s name.

If you experience any difficulties uploading your files, please contact Marketing@SourceAmerica.org.

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By submitting a photograph and/or video (“content”) on this web form, the nonprofit agency (“NPA”) grants permission to SourceAmerica to use the content during the National Conference session, “Celebrating the Force of Our Network.” In addition, by submitting the content, the NPA represents and warrants that the content is owned by the NPA and does not violate any third party’s proprietary or intellectual property rights.


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