AbilityOne Authorized Provider Video Submission

AbilityOne® authorized providers are encouraged to submit a "Virtual Tour" video to be shared at an upcoming AbilityOne Representative ("ABOR") meeting or federal customer briefing. During these meetings, a nonprofit representative provides an overview of their agency, the video runs, and the Commission Acting Executive Director & CEO typically engages in a short dialogue with the agency representative. AbilityOne® authorized providers who are interested in sharing a tour of their agency and a contract site are encouraged to upload videos now so SourceAmerica can begin to understand the level of interest and availability of these virtual tours.

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AbilityOne Authorized Provider Virtual Tour


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By checking this box, you confirm that the agency head or authorized representative consents to sharing their recorded video at an ABOR meeting or federal customer briefing.



  • Submit a video 8-to-10 minutes in length about an AbilityOne authorized provider, including a statement about programs for people with disabilities and a walkthrough of AbilityOne Program-related contract sites or on-premises facilities as appropriate. Include:
    • Factual narration about the number of people with disabilities served overall
    • Number of AbilityOne employees
    • An overview of AbilityOne contracts held and occupations made available by those contracts
    • Other details pertinent for ABORs and/or other federal customers to understand

  • Submit a Media and Information release signed by individuals who appear on video. If multiple individuals are depicted, please combine all releases into a single file to be uploaded.

  • Submit a Promotional Information Consent-NPA release signed by the authorized nonprofit agency representative.

  • Submit a Promotional Information Consent-Customer release signed by the authorized federal customer representative if the federal agency is mentioned by name.

Video and Release Uploads

Add your virtual tour video and necessary releases here. For videos larger than 20 MB, follow these directions to create an unlisted YouTube video. Share the link to that file below.

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Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
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