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IDEATE Competition

The SourceAmerica® IDEATE competition (formerly called the SourceAmerica Design Challenge) is a unique national engineering challenge. It invites motivated high school and college engineering students from across the country to innovate ways to improve workplace inclusion and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Imagine, Design & Evaluate Assistive Technologies for Employment

IDEATE gives students a competition with purpose: to create assistive technology that increases workplace success for people with disabilities. Student teams collaborate with a person with a disability in their community to evaluate a need and develop an innovative solution that makes a real difference. What makes IDEATE more unique: judging is based on demonstrable results, not technological sophistication. The winning projects solve challenges in the workplace and increase the earning potential of people with disabilities, through scalable and repeatable inventions that can be used across the country.

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We’re looking for engineering students ready to make a meaningful difference. 

IDEATE gives you the opportunity to pioneer workplace technology in collaboration with a person with disabilities. 

This is an engineering competition that rewards you for being curious, imaginative, detail-oriented, and collaborative. The winning technologies are created in a team environment that includes people with disabilities, and are awarded by how effectively they increase opportunities and innovate the workplace. Get ready to expand your perspective and transform the future of employment.

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Your students can change the workplace. Starting here.

IDEATE is a life-changing challenge that inspires your students to push boundaries.

The SourceAmerica® IDEATE engineering competition celebrates the pursuit of innovative thinking that has real-world implications. It combines an authentic, hands-on learning experience that uses STEM skills and ties directly to the community. It connects your students with people with disabilities to solve workplace challenges in exciting new ways. IDEATE is an opportunity for your students to challenge themselves to profoundly improve workplace inclusion and earning potential for people with disabilities.

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2022 Winning Innovations

California Polytechnic State University First Place College Winner

First Place College:

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, CA

The California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo team partnered with VTC Enterprises to create the eZcart, a new custodial cart that increases on-the-job comfort and efficiency.

Brentwood High School First Place High School Winner

First Place High School:

Brentwood High School, Brentwood, NY

The Brentwood High School engineering team partnered with Maryhaven Center of Hope to create The Victory Sealer, a device that enables one-handed operation of a typical heat seal press while also increasing productivity for a wide range of people with disabilities.


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