SourceAmerica Creates $1 Million AbilityOne Employee Emergency Assistance Grant For AbilityOne-Producing Nonprofit Agencies For Contract Employees

By SourceAmerica 01/29/2019

SourceAmerica AbilityOne Employee Emergency Assistance Grant Provides Housing and Medical Insurance Premium Assistance to Contract Employees

VIENNA, VA (January 29, 2019) – SourceAmerica®, an AbilityOne® authorized enterprise, announced today the SourceAmerica AbilityOne Employee Emergency Assistance Grant, a new $1 million program to provide financial support to AbilityOne contract employees who did not receive a paycheck during the partial government shutdown. Through this grant, SourceAmerica will match disbursements paid by AbilityOne producing nonprofit agencies (NPAs) that assist impacted employees with their housing expenses and medical insurance premium costs.

"The $1 million we’ve allocated to the SourceAmerica AbilityOne Employee Emergency Assistance Grant is one of the largest we’ve funded to help alleviate some of the financial burden for AbilityOne contract employees displaced by the shutdown," said SourceAmerica Chief Operating Officer Steven Krotonsky. "Thousands of AbilityOne contract employees have been out of work, and many have not yet received orders to return to work since the government reopened. The grant is our way of providing immediate financial relief to these AbilityOne contract employees through our nonprofit community."

SourceAmerica facilitates employment opportunities for nearly 40,000 people with disabilities through a nationwide nonprofit network and the federal AbilityOne Program. More than 2,000 people with disabilities employed on AbilityOne contracts, including wounded warriors and veterans with disabilities, were impacted by the partial government shutdown. The lack of paychecks means bills and rent go unpaid and makes fulfilling basic life necessities a challenge.

"We know that many NPAs are already providing much needed financial support to these displaced employees," added Krotonsky. "Our AbilityOne Emergency Employee Assistance Grant will augment the current level of support shown by our NPAs and match their funds dollar for dollar."

AbilityOne producing NPAs are eligible to receive the matching grant funds from SourceAmerica after the full disbursement has been paid to their impacted contract employees. SourceAmerica will reimburse 50 percent of each disbursement, up to $200 grant dollars per person per month, for AbilityOne contract employees with or without disabilities. NPA disbursements must be paid after Jan. 24, 2019. The grant fund will continue until the shutdown is fully resolved.

About SourceAmerica:
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