NDEAM Spotlight: Celebrating NPAs That Advance Access and Equity

By Beth Lacourse 10/16/2023
NDEAM Spotlight: Celebrating NPAs That Advance Access and Equity


In honor of 2023 National Disability Employment Awareness Month, in October and all year long, SourceAmerica® celebrates the accomplishments of our network NPAs and their employees with disabilities. This week, we're shining a spotlight on two NPAs that go above and beyond to expand and improve disability employment: Job Squad, Inc. and Human Technologies Corporation. We applaud their ongoing commitment and actions that support the 2023 NDEAM theme: "Advancing Access and Equity."

Over the past thirty years, SourceAmerica and Job Squad, Inc. have collaborated to increase employment options for people with disabilities. Job Squad CEO Travis Kline and AbilityOne® employee Norman Tate talked with us about their organization, located in West Virginia. Job Squad offers a customized employment placement program to provide employees with the best opportunities that align with their skills. Travis explained, "Career counselors and job coaches meet with individuals with disabilities and their families to uncover what their 'personal genius' is, then help match employees with the right employer based on their specific talents. It’s a win-win situation for everyone." This is certainly true for Norman who has been employed on an AbilityOne contract with a federal agency for twenty years. He worked his way up to earn a team leader position, then a supervisor role. Norman credits Job Squad with providing him the opportunity for self-improvement and, through his managerial position, "to help numerous amounts of other people to better themselves."

From Human Technologies, President and CEO Tim Giarrusso and AbilityOne employee Greg Mendoza spoke with us about their organization's commitment to providing meaningful employment and services for veterans transitioning to civilian life in New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Tim commented, "There are a number of ways for us to support the veterans in our communities and providing them with leadership opportunities is pivotal." He shared one special way that Human Technologies assists veterans with disabilities during their employment journey. They sponsor a board internship program with partner organizations for employees to further their professional development by learning new skills, gaining confidence, and building a stronger network. Greg Mendoza, Veteran, and Project Manager, Supply Chain Services said, "Something I missed when I got out of the military was the family environment. When you're in combat zones, you have to depend on the people next to you – left and right. That's what I found at Human Technologies." Greg describes his work environment as one where he and his coworkers are empowered to overcome challenges and move forward, together, creating greater success for all.

During 2023 NDEAM and beyond, SourceAmerica is proud to collaborate with NPAs like Job Squad and Human Technologies that are helping to advance access and equity in the workplace for people with disabilities. We appreciate all the nonprofit agencies throughout our network that are committed to our shared mission, and we look forward to sharing more of their stories throughout the coming year.