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A Source for the Disability Community

SourceAmerica is the national leader in creating job opportunities for a dedicated, high quality workforce—people with significant disabilities. To date, we have helped more than 95,000 people with significant disabilities find meaningful work.

How do we create jobs for people with disabilities?

We link customers who need products and services to the nonprofits that employ a dedicated workforce of people with disabilities to provide them.

Are you a person with significant disabilities who's looking for a job?

We can help you connect with a local nonprofit that may be ready to hire. Please check out our map and find a location near you.

We work tirelessly toward our goal of full and fair employment for everyone.

SourceAmerica conducts research, runs projects, and develops programs to advance our mission of full and fair employment for people with significant disabilities. Learn more about our workforce and research programs, hear employment success stories from the front lines, or visit our employment resources.