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Research & Innovation

Research & innovation

As a pioneer and advocate of the disability employment community in the United States, SourceAmerica leads the effort of collecting workforce research data and intelligence. The breadth and depth of workforce data enables SourceAmerica to develop valuable insights and complex research of the national disability employment landscape.

Employment challenges & choices

The Institute for Economic Empowerment (the Institute) was established in 2008 by the SourceAmerica Board of Directors to conduct research into the employment challenges facing people with disabilities and to develop demonstration projects that use innovative approaches to help people with disabilities overcome barriers to employment.

Drawing on sound science and our unique understanding of the community we serve, the Institute has created and launched groundbreaking initiatives, including the SourceAmerica Design Challenge, the Pathways to Careers program, and the Employee Research System (ERS). ERS tracks the employment data of people with significant disabilities over time, which enables the Institute to identify trends affecting this community and to determine the best way to respond to those trends.