Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information

When will the conference take place? Where is it located?
What is the cost to register?
How do I register for the conference?
What is included in the cost of my registration?
Can I register in person at the event?
Can I cancel or modify my registration?
How is my registration confirmed?
What forms of payment do you accept for the conference fee?
If I can't attend, can I transfer my registration?
What is the cancellation policy for the conference?

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

How is SourceAmerica handling the Covid-19 pandemic at the conference?

Accommodations & Dietary

How can I reserve a hotel room and what are the rates?
How will dietary restrictions and aversions be accommodated?

General Conference Information

Is there a dress code?
How can I see a list of who is attending, and how can I connect prior to the event?
What other ways can I network with others?
Is the conference schedule available?
Conference Credentials
Will speaker presentations be available after the event?
Can I request Training Incentive Program reimbursement for this conference?
Will the Xforce Conference include sponsorships and exhibitors?

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