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2023 Xforce Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information

When will Xforce take place? Where is it located?
What is the cost to register?
Can I bring a guest(s) to Xforce?
How do I register for Xforce?
What is included in the cost of my registration?
Can I register in person at the event?
Can I cancel or modify my registration?
Who can attend the Welcome Reception?
How is my registration confirmed?
What forms of payment do you accept for the conference fee?
If I can't attend, can I transfer my registration?
What is the cancellation policy for Xforce?

AbilityOne Contract Employee Scholarship

What is the definition of an AbilityOne contract employee?
How does it work?
Do I need to be a producing NPA to use the AbilityOne Contract Employee Scholarship?
What are the requirements to be eligible for TIP and scholarship reimbursements?
How many scholarships can my NPA use?
How much can my NPA get reimbursed?
What is considered a reimbursable expense under the scholarship?
How will expenses be reimbursed?
What is the deadline to submit a request for reimbursement?
How do I submit the Training Incentive Program (TIP) application?
Where should I submit questions regarding the scholarship process, including the application, and requests for reimbursement?
Will AbilityOne Contract Employees be paid their wages while attending Xforce?

Health and Safety

How is SourceAmerica handling the health and safety measures the conference?

Accommodations & Dietary

How can I reserve a hotel room and what are the rates?
How will dietary restrictions and aversions be accommodated?

General Xforce Information

Is there a dress code?
How can I see a list of who is attending, and how can I connect prior to the event?
Where can I see Xforce updates during the event?
What other ways can I network with others?
Is the Xforce schedule available?
Xforce Credentials
Will speaker presentations be available after the event?
Can I request Training Incentive Program reimbursement for this conference?
Will Xforce include sponsorships and exhibitors?

Host City & Venue Highlights

Anaheim is a city built on imagination and where you can discover an atmosphere where hip hangouts and hidden gems inspire animated attitudes from visitors and locals alike. We invite you to experience the authenticity of all things Anaheim!

The Anaheim Marriott is located in the heart of Southern California, adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center and within three blocks of Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Downtown Disney and Gardenwalk. Also within walking distance is an amazing variety of restaurants, entertainment and shopping.

The Anaheim Resort Connection provides public transportation from the hotel to all the nearby destinations in the resort district.

Who should I contact if I have questions?