SourceAmerica Has Connected People with Disabilities to Meaningful Jobs for Almost 50 Years


For many people with disabilities, having a job can be life-changing. It offers independence, opportunities to contribute to society and personal and professional growth. A more inclusive workforce also creates larger economic and societal benefits that are often overlooked. Studies have shown that a more inclusive organization is a more productive organization.

As a leader in employing people with disabilities, SourceAmerica® has connected people with disabilities to meaningful jobs for almost 50 years through contracts with the federal government and private sector. SourceAmerica is one of two central nonprofits in the federal AbilityOne® Program. There are approximately 36 thousand AbilityOne® employees with disabilities in their network of nearly 400 AbilityOne authorized providers.

In this video, SourceAmerica's President and CEO Richard Belden and staff members, along with employees with disabilities in the SourceAmerica network, talk about the importance of access to opportunities and true inclusion for all in the workplace.