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Customers want customized supply chain management solutions to maximize efficiencies and streamline operations at strategically located facilities nationwide. 

The power of our nationwide network

SourceAmerica has over 125 network partners with warehousing and distribution capabilities to fulfill your requirements virtually anywhere in the United States. Our national network of nonprofit agencies has over two million square feet of accessible space. And we manage and deliver thousands of line items and more than $1 billion in inventory safely and on time every year.

SourceAmerica's Nationwide Network of Product Packaging and Kitting Services Map

SourceAmerica's national nonprofit network has the capacity to meet all of your service needs.

Our range of supply chain management solutions includes:

  • Inventory integrity management
  • Warehousing, stockroom, and distribution
  • Kitting and light manufacturing
  • Receiving, order filling, and shipping
  • Logistics information systems: ERP, WMS, TMS
  • Insertion point management
  • Packaging
  • Reverse logistics, lifecycle management
  • Inventory replenishment
  • Pick, pack, and ship
  • Repair, refurbish, and test
  • Planning, purchasing, and forecasting
  • Multi-regional/national warehousing and distribution capability
  • Supply Chain Solutions Organization (SCSO) high performance metrics
  • LEAN and Six-Sigma application capability

Supply and Value Chain Management Services and Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services (GSA Schedule 00CORP)

Federal Supply Schedules

Federal agencies can quickly procure necessary services as task orders to SourceAmerica’s nationwide network using GSA Schedule 00CORP, Supply and Value Chain Management Services and Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services.

Available standalone services include:

  • Custodial, including aseptic cleaning
  • Facilities services
  • Laundry

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