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For more than 40 years, SourceAmerica has provided packaging, assembly, kitting and related supply chain services for a wide range of customers and businesses, from manufacturers, retail and industry distributors to federal, state and local governments. Our Product Packaging and Kitting Services builds on the years of experience our nonprofit agencies have with commercial and government packaging services.

Through our qualified network of co-packers, we have a tremendous capacity for production. We have sustained customer satisfaction and retention, while also meeting performance-based standards.

With many locations around the country, we are one of the largest providers of co-packaging in the country working under one management system. Our processes are designed to coordinate work in single or multiple locations.

Our service capabilities encompass:

  • Contract packaging – Assembly, kitting, packing (primary/case/ pallet), labeling, rework, inspection, and seasonal promotions
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Distribution – Inventory management, picking/packing, and shipping
  • Inventory management and fulfillment
  • Reverse logistics

Marketing lines of business include:

  • Food/beverage
  • Electronics
  • Medical supplies
  • Personal care
  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • Collateral materials (including posters, pamphlets and brochures

Why use SourceAmerica's Product Packaging and Kitting services?

  • Multiple locations – Enables expedited service to our customers
  • Quick ramp-up – Dedicated workforce allows us to quickly meet customer requirements
  • Warehouse and production facilities – From loading docks to equipment, our operations are designed for efficiency
  • Operational expansion readiness – Capacity to quickly support expansion, including technical systems
  • Consistent processes and controls – Ensures efficiency and high quality output


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