The rapidly intensifying nature of the COVID-19 response makes it essential to quickly respond to the shifting requirements of your Federal agency. Through its nationwide member network, SourceAmerica can connect you with many of the resources you need to fulfill your agency’s mission during this time. Scroll down to learn more about available resources.
SourceAmerica's nationwide network manufactures and packages an assortment of PPE that can be obtained through two AbilityOne Procurement List items that the U.S. AbilityOne Commission® has made available to all federal government agencies as part of their COVID-19 pandemic response plans.
  • Level 1 & 2 Gowns - varying styles & colors (USA made)
    • Level 1: Used for minimal risk situations such as basic care and standard hospital medical units
    • Level 2: Used for low risk situations where fluid exposure is possible, such as blood drawing from veins, suturing, ICU and pathology
  • ​Masks - varying styles/colors & protection (USA made)
  • Disposable masks (imports)
  • Surgical caps (USA made or imports)
  • Shoe covers (USA made or imports)

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Through our national network of manufacturers, we produce and assemble highly technical items for a variety of applications using state-of-the-art equipment and the highest levels of quality inspection elements, including ISO 9001, AS9100 and ANSI.
Medical supplies include:
  • Hand sanitizers
  • First aid kits
  • Custom medical kits (pre/post-op, anesthesia, operating room)
  • Feeding and other bags
  • Cotton tip applicators
For more than 45 years, SourceAmerica and our nationwide network have provided essential services to Federal customers, ranging from single-facility requirements to entire military bases or complexes. In addition, we can support your mission with a range of services that can be provided off-premises.
Applicable services available:


SourceAmerica’s network members can provide on-site aseptic cleaning services in 29 states and the District of Columbia.
SourceAmerica is proud to connect you with an array of additional products available through state use programs to support your COVID-19 agency response, including:

With more than 45 years of contracting expertise with both Federal Civilian and Defense agencies, SourceAmerica can connect you with appropriate contracting solutions and support that enables you to quickly respond to your agency’s requirements.

Federal supply schedules

Federal agencies can quickly procure necessary services as task orders to SourceAmerica’s nationwide network using GSA Schedule 03FAC, Complete Facilities Maintenance and Ancillary Repair Alterations, or GSA Schedule 00CORP, Supply and Value Chain Management Services and Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services.

Available standalone services include:

  • Custodial, including aseptic cleaning
  • Facilities services
  • Laundry

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Existing Federal customers who hold AbilityOne® Program contracts can address new or additional requirements through a defined modification of contract process. For more information about this, please contact the SourceAmerica team member identified on your contract or submit a contact request, being sure to reference your contract number.

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Prime contracting

In select cases, SourceAmerica can engage in prime contracts with Federal agencies to connect complex, essential services through an array of partners with expertise in defined practice areas. In select cases, SourceAmerica can connect Federal agencies through prime contracts to an array of providers to perform complex, essential services in distinct practice areas. For more information about prime contracting, please submit a contact request, specifying your interest areas. 

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