Management Practice: Community Partnerships (new)

QWE Practice Areas: Develop relationships with community organizations providing educational, vocational and other employment training (320)

Beacon Group developed cooperative working relationships with a number of local school districts, some of which pay the fee students to attend programs during the course of a school year. The organization is represented at local transition fairs and at the annual State Transition Conference. Such activities are critical to ensure both students and their parents are well aware of the numerous school-to-work transition programs available through Beacon Group. The agency also developed a comprehensive summer program with the help of the local Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and the cooperation/coordination of all local school districts. DDD provides funding for students, from 16 until they transition out of school, to attend its employment-related programs and services during the summer months to obtain work experience. When they graduate or age out of school, their first choice is usually to return to Beacon Group for the service that best meets their individual needs.

Beacon Group, Tucson, AZ

Organization Using this Practice: Transitioning students

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

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