Management Practice: Partnering with Commercial Businesses

QWE Practice Areas: Design and implement a range of training programs to improve productivity, enhance wages, and optimize job success (120); Partner with organizations and peers in the local community (310)

Beacon Group developed a strong business partnership with Safeway. One result is that Safeway set up a mock grocery store within the Beacon facility. The store has shelves stocked with Safeway products and two check-out lanes complete with a cash register, conveyor, and bagging station. The mock store provides Beacon the ability to accurately assess the aptitude and skills of individuals with disabilities who are interested in working as a courtesy clerk in a grocery store. Once a thorough assessment is completed, Beacon provides ongoing training on site prior to referring a person for employment in the community. As a result, the transition from training to employment is smooth, takes less time, and minimizes the amount of time that a job coach needs to spend with each individual. Through this partnership, Beacon gains a great training model and Safeway has a pool of capable and well-trained individuals from which to hire.

As a result of this partnership, Safeway received the first AbilityOne Business Award, which is presented to a commercial business that has partnered with a producing NPA.

Organization Using this Practice: Beacon Group, Tucson, AZ

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

For More Information: Chuck Tiller, V.P. of Rehabilitation Service, Beacon Group, P.O. Box 50544, Tucson, AZ 85703. Phone: (520) 622-4874 ext 127.