Management Practice: Safety Incentive Programs

QWE Practice Areas: Enhance productivity and wages through both monetary and non-monetary incentives (140); Maintain physical safety of all employees (430); Demonstrate the value of employees with disabilities (450)

Work Services Corporation offers individual and group safety awards. Individual awards are associated with years of service without an accident, and employees can earn: a ball cap at 3 years, a polo shirt at 5 years, a jacket at 10 years, and restaurant or movie gift cards at 15 and 20 years. Group awards are per capita cash awards which accrue on a semiannual basis to departments which are accident free for six months. Cash awards are presented with no conditions—the work group decides how to spend/allocate the cash awards. Group and individual awards are presented at a company event and publicized in the company newsletter. Safety awards apply equally to all company employees.

Organization Using this Practice: Work Services Corporation, Wichita Falls, TX

Users: All employees with significant disabilities

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

For More Information: Sheryl Moses, Accountant, Work Services Corporation, 3401 Wichita Falls, TX 76302. Phone: (940) 766-3207 Ext. 21.