QWE Practice Areas: Provide a healthy environment (420); Demonstrate the value of employees with disabilities (450)

Acting on input from persons served, Beacon Group initiated an exercise program available for consumers and their families to access during portions of the workday or after hours. In developing plans for their new building, Beacon Group planned for a fully equipped exercise room that is available for both persons receiving services and for staff members. For persons receiving services, the use of the fitness area is also coupled with nutritional support and training. For many of the people served by Beacon Group, the fitness facility provides the only opportunity for exercise that they can take advantage of on a regular basis.

Organization Using this Practice: Beacon Group, Tucson, AZ

Users: All employees with significant disabilities

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

For More Information: Chuck Tiller, V.P. of Rehabilitation Service, Beacon Group, P.O. Box 50544, Tucson, AZ 85703. Phone: (520) 622-4874 ext 127.