Management Practice: Performance Measurement (new)

QWE Practice Areas: Create a work culture that enhances productivity through performance measurement and business development (130)

Beacon Group’s Informational Measurement and Management system and Performance Improvement Policies and Procedures, relating to both business and service delivery, have been recognized in past Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) surveys as exemplary practices. Although CARF standards require only an annual performance indicator report, Beacon produces this report quarterly. Beacon Group’s performance improvement activities include two distinct areas of emphasis: business improvement and service delivery improvement.

The business improvement system establishes quarterly performance goals and measures the degree to which those goals are obtained, incorporating the following in the process:

  • Integrated strategic planning information
  • Financial information
  • Accessibility plans
  • Quarterly status reports
  • Resource allocation
  • Business surveys/questionnaires
  • Risk analysis reports
  • Board of Directors reports
  • Human resource data reports
  • Technology analyses
  • Health and safety reports
  • Trends in the field/research findings.

The quarterly service delivery performance improvement reports reflect and include an analysis of objectives, applied at the program level, for each of Beacon Group’s separate, distinct programs. Report features include:

  • Trends in consumer characteristics-knowledge relating to demographics of those receiving services
  • Actions taken or changes made to improve performance during the previous quarter
  • Areas needing performance improvement during the next quarter
  • Quarterly action plan to improve performance
  • Primary objectives that measure effectiveness (benefits/outcomes achieved by persons receiving services)
  • Primary objectives that measure efficiency (time, wages, etc.)
  • Supplemental measures that address service access and other issues
  • Primary objectives that measure the satisfaction of persons receiving services and other stakeholders with the services provided.

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