Management Practice: Strategic Planning

QWE Practice Areas: Create a work culture that enhances productivity through performance measurement and business development (130); Demonstrate the value of employees with disabilities (450)

ServiceSource, an Alexandria-based nonprofit helping people with disabilities find meaningful employment, used focus groups as part of its strategic planning process in 2011. Employees with disabilities from each network location attended. The focus groups usually comprised 6-12 individuals. Facilitators followed a written script to ensure each group answered the same questions:

  1. General questions
  2. Questions focused on the services provided to individuals with disabilities
  3. Employer of Choice, i.e., workplace culture.

Focus group reports were submitted and the data combined to compile one single report for use at the Strategic Planning conference. Focus group feedback resulted in a plan to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for program participants. In addition, other identified “action items” that arose in the focus groups were communicated to the appropriate project managers as necessary.

A total of 37 focus groups were held across the Network at regional offices, program locations and contract sites in Virginia, Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina and Florida. A total of 298 individuals participated: 147 program participants, 126 staff employees and 25 external stakeholders.

Organization Using this Practice: ServiceSource, Alexandria, VA

Users: All CRPs

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

For More Information: Melissa Affrunti, ServiceSource 6295 Edsall Road, Suite 175 Alexandria VA 22312. Phone: (703) 461-6000.​