Management Practice: Community Partnerships (new)

Financial Literacy Workshop Management Practice: Community Partnerships (new)

QWE Practice Areas: Develop relationships with community organizations providing educational, vocational and other employment training (320)

Phoenix prides itself on offering numerous training and development programs for its employees both with and without disabilities. Recently Phoenix paired with a local bank to provide an extensive three day financial literacy workshop that focused on money management, interest rates, budgeting, and checking and savings accounts. As a result of a grant Phoenix received from a bank to provide this course, it was also able to provide meals to employees and offer an incentive for attending the classes.

Organization Using this Practice: Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation d/b/a Phoenix, Huntsville, AL

Users: All employees with significant disabilities

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

For More Information: Amy Patterson, Program Coordinator, Huntsville Rehabilitation Foundation d/b/a Phoenix, 2939 Johnson Road SW, Huntsville, AL 35805. Phone: (256) 880-0671.​