Management Practice: Human Resources

QWE Practice Area: Enhance productivity and wages through both monetary and non-monetary incentives (140); Demonstrate the value of employees with disabilities (450)

Work Services Corporation (WSC) holds an annual Employee Recognition Luncheon to honor employees who have reached milestones in employment. Employees who have been with WSC for increments of five years of service (i.e., five years, 10 years, etc.) are invited to the event. Employees are served a four-course gourmet meal at an upscale banquet room. WSC managers, including the CEO, serve as black-tie servers for the luncheon. Honorees receive a certificate of appreciation and a gift card from the retailer of their choice in recognition of their service to WSC. The value of the gift card rises with years of service. All honorees also receive photos and the event is publicized in the local newspaper and company newsletter. All employees, including those with and without disabilities, are honored during the annual Employee Recognition Luncheon.

Organization Using Practice: Work Services Corporation, Wichita Falls, TX

Users: All employees with significant disabilities

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

For More Information: Sheryl Moses, Accountant, Work Services Corporation, 3401 Wichita Falls, TX 76302. Phone: (940) 766-3207 Ext. 21.​