QWE Practice Guideline: 160 Take Responsibility for the Development of Supervisors

Program Description: Effective Supervisory Skills is a two-day training for current and prospective supervisors.  This training encompasses all aspects of supervision including but not limited to: understanding people, staff needs, recognizing staff, motivational strategies, dealing with subordinates as people, dealing with superiors as people, cultural awareness, and how supervisors affect the work environment.

The curriculum consists of seven modules.  Each module is organized and presented in a binder each class participant keeps.  The seven modules are:

  1. Introduction and Welcome,
  2. Linking Elements Model and Leadership - traits, style, approach, problem solving, decision making, delegating, style limitations,
  3. Communication - attire, general communication, barriers, body language, speaking skills, feedback, misunderstanding, listening, professionalism,
  4. Quality of Work Life - understanding people, staff needs, how supervisors affect the work environment, knowing your staff and their skills, problems of emotions, one-minute manager, dealing with people,
  5. Direction-- rules, policy, giving instructions and orders, ABC's of getting things done, building cooperation,
  6. Technical Competence - personal relationship, verbal instruction, on the job training, experience, and 
  7. Assessment Project - project format, written report preparation, oral report presentation.

Target Group:  All NPAs


  • Individual: prepare key staff members for promotional opportunities; Equipped current supervisors with essential tools to be effective in their role; Increased quality of relationships between supervisors and staff.
  • Organization: Resulted in an increase in quality of staff evaluations and performance agreements; Resulted in higher quality hiring procedures

Financial Resources:

  • Start up: Development of curriculum
  • Ongoing: Staff to provide, track, and evaluate training
  • Sources of funding: Occupations is currently waiting  for the award of NYS Department of Labor BUSINYS training grant.  More detailed leadership trainings are scheduled if these funds are awarded.

Specialized Expertise Needed: Staff or consultant with subject matter knowledge and experience as well as appropriate training skills.

NPA: Access: Supports for Living

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

Contact Information: Ron Colavito, CEO, rcolavito@asfl.org 1-888-750-2266