Management Practice: Increasing Productivity (new)

QWE Practice Area: Design and implement ​a range of training programs to improve productivity, enhance wages, and optimize job success (120).

In an effort to increase productivity and continue to pay production workers at least minimum wage or better, Crossroads Industrial Services maintains hour-by-hour charts at work stations on the factory floor. The charts are a visual tool employees can use to assess how they are doing in relation to the production goal and customer requirements. Employers use the charts to motivate employees and update them on the team’s progress. This encourages increased workplace participation and productivity, which can lead to new, higher volume business opportunities and higher wages for employees with disabilities.

Organization Using this Practice: Crossroads Industrial Services, Indianapolis IN

Users: Any producing CRP

Resources: Quality Work Environment Workbook

For More Information: Curtiss Quirin, COO, Crossroads Industrial Services, 8302 East 33rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46226. Phone: (317) 897-7320.