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The Quality Work Environment Initiative (QWE) is a framework to identify, implement and shar​e employer practices, so as to provide enhanced employment opportunities, improved wages and upward mobility to all employees with disabilities. By participating in the QWE Initiative and completing the self-assessment, agencies can identify best practices currently implemented by the organization AND identify areas for improvement.

It is a continuous improvement process that can be tailored to the needs of each nonprofit agency in the SourceAmerica network.

Program Benefits

  • Focuses on total agency mission and is inclusive of all employees with disabilities at producing affiliates, regardless of their AbilityOne status.
  • The initiative provides facilitated self-assessments and assistance in drafting tailored, agency-specific action plans.
  • Strategic action plans partially or fully funded through the QWE Grant Program which provides up to $7500 to a QWE-participating agency to complete strategic action items.​
  • Access to numerous SourceAmerica resources dedicated to QWE success, including training opportunities, rehabilitation engineering and grant funding.

QWE Shared Practices