We make the American Dream more Accessible.

SourceAmerica creates business solutions that benefit both our customers and the disability community.

Ready to get to work

Nearly 80% of Americans with significant disabilities can’t find jobs. SourceAmerica’s mission is to create employment opportunities and choices for this exceptional workforce so that they, too, can realize the American Dream.

Our business solutions benefit everyone

We create business solutions that benefit both our customers and the disability community. You can count on us for your product and service needs: we’ve been exceeding customer expectations for 40+ years due to our high quality standards and customer-centered approach to doing business. When you choose SourceAmerica, everyone wins.

If the world could see what we see

From our position on the front lines, we know that people with disabilities are capable of much more than you might imagine. You won’t find a more dedicated workforce than ours, and your business or agency will appreciate the high quality work they do.

A can-do spirit

We believe in the talents and capabilities of our exceptional workforce, and we will not stop until everyone who wants to work is given a chance. This mission inspires us and motivates us to do our best for our customers every day.

The issues

We advocate for the disability community on issues that threaten to close doors to employment. SourceAmerica monitors legislative and regulatory affairs and mobilizes our network of nonprofits and supporters to take action on the issues that matter.

SourceAmerica’s awards

As a leader in the employment of people with disabilities, SourceAmerica is committed to recognizing the outstanding individuals who help us advance our mission. We are proud to offer awards to our standout employees, nonprofits, customers, and advocates.

SourceAmerica’s conferences and events

We host a number of important events throughout the year that focus on creating opportunities for people with disabilities.

SourceAmerica’s programs

SourceAmerica creates programs that benefit people with disabilities. Our programs enable people with significant disabilities to find jobs that best suit their skills while laying a research foundation to support employer best practices, improved wages, and upward mobility.

Stories from the front lines

When we need a dose of inspiration, we sure don’t have to look far. The individuals who are drawn to our mission are some of the finest—dedicated, hard-working, and all-around exemplary people. Get to know them.