Grassroots Advocacy Conference FAQs


When is the 2022 SourceAmerica Grassroots Advocacy conference and where will it take place?
Who can attend the 2022 SourceAmerica Grassroots Advocacy conference?
Will the conference be in-person?
How will congressional meetings be held during the conference?

Travel Accommodations

Does SourceAmerica pay for all the costs incurred during the conference?
What level of support will NPAs be required to offer to self-advocates?
Who is the point of contact for the 2022 conference?
What if I extend my stay beyond the Grassroots Advocacy Conference dates?
What are the COVID protocols that may affect this event?

Registration and Selection Process

When will registration for the conference open and close?
How many self-advocates should each NPA select?
Why are we selecting more than one advocate this year?
What will the selection process for self-advocates look like?
What is the timeline for the virtual trainings for self-advocates?

Technical Requirements

What are the recommended internet browsers for accessing the website and virtual platform (if applicable)?
What are the system and operating requirements for this conference if it goes virtual?