Workforce Development

SourceAmerica®’s Workforce Development is comprised of an array of programs designed to support increased economic and social inclusion of people with disabilities. Through a combination of research, technical, and financial resources and a focus on long-term outcomes, these programs provide a unique value to SourceAmerica’s nonprofits, the individuals they serve, and the broader disability community.

Productivity engineering team

Productivity Engineering

The Productivity Engineering Program provides affiliated nonprofits with assistance in the areas of 14(c) Transition, Lean concepts, ergonomics, process engineering, jig/device design, training, and software development.

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Quality Work Environment

The Quality Work Environment (QWE) Program is a continuous improvement framework offered to AbilityOne producing members to help them identify, implement, and share practices that maximize employment potential for people with disabilities. QWE is different from other quality improvement vehicles in that members may bring their employees with disabilities into the decision-making process.

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Employed Veteran

Veterans Employment

The Veterans Employment Program connects former service members with career opportunities aligned with their diverse skills and interests and acts as a conduit to veteran’s service organizations, military service organizations, and private and public sector employers. SourceAmerica’s goal is to increase the number of career opportunities available to veterans through its national nonprofit network.

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