SourceAmerica FY19 Snapshot

SourceAmerica® is a connecting force. We connect our customers to products and services through a nationwide network that hires a dedicated workforce ready to support high performance on every contract. It’s a business solution that drives productivity and reshapes the future of employment for professionals with disabilities.

SourceAmerica Statistics*

Nearly 70% of working-age people with disabilities do not have jobs.

There are more than 725 nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica network that train, employ and place people with disabilities in the workforce.

There are more than 80,000 people with disabilities employed throughout the SourceAmerica/AbilityOne network.

SourceAmerica has $3 billion in annual sales.

The average AbilityOne employee wage in the SourceAmerica network is $14.40 per hour.

*Fiscal Year 2019
These statistics expire May 1, 2021.