Congratulations to all the winners and participants in the 2020 SourceAmerica Design Challenge. Finalist teams worked in partnership with a professional with a disability in their community to co-design and develop assistive technologies for the workplace. The devices show how ingenuity and collaboration can make lasting impacts for professionals with disabilities at work.

Our finals judges were Kevin Ryan; Mike Ryan of SourceAmerica; Nicole Bleuel, Team Lead of Google Creative Labs; Dr. James Poisant, the Secretary General of World Information Technology and Services Alliance; Dr. Cathy Bodine, Director of the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver.

Judges spent hours carefully considering each finalist submission, reviewing videos, technical papers, and in lieu of a traditional question-and-answer session, sent questions to the finalists electronically. They focused on the innovation's repeatability, scalability and impact in the workplace, and not solely its level of sophistication.

SourceAmerica would also like to thank our corporate sponsors, which include PwC, Northrop Grumman, Red River and RSM, for their continued commitment to this event.

We wish we could celebrate the achievements of these teams in-person. In-lieu of an in-person celebration please take a moment to watch a special message from our CEO, Vince Loose.

Our Keynote speaker, Joanna Hunt Manager of Kindle Accessibility at Amazon has also recorded an inspirational message that is a must watch.


First Place

School Name: Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Partner Organization: Target
Project: Slide Stool

Sliding to Success with the Slide Stool Project
The Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology team and their subject matter expert, a cashier at Target, worked together to create the Slide Stool. The team focused on developing a workplace solution for their SME that would eliminate the need for him to stand for long hours at his register or to repeatedly sit down and stand up because he was using a stationary stool while ringing up and bagging customers' items. The team's efforts resulted in the creation of the Slide Stool – a stool that slides along two rails for ease of movement between the register and bagging station. The Slide Stool also has retractable wheels, so the SME can more easily move to another register or out of the way of co-workers who need to access supplies at his station. Instead of standing for extended periods of time or continuously standing and sitting while using a stationary stool, the SME now slides right to scan products and then left to bag them. This reduces the discomfort he previously felt while on the job. As a result, he can work longer and earn more money, which in turn, enhances his quality of life – both at work and beyond.

Second Place

School Name: Tarrant County College (TX)
Partner Organization: Expanco, Inc.
Project: Sheet Metal Forming Fastener Processor

Third Place

School Name: California State University, Los Angeles
Partner Organization: MVLE
Project: Light Up The World

High School

First Place

School Name: Diamond Bar High School
Partner Organization: Ability Counts, Inc.
Project: The Fastener

Raising the Bar with Diamond Bar's Fastener Device
Diamond Bar High School partnered with Ability Counts, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Corona, California, to help create a more efficient and effective nut-and-bolt assembly process. Working with their subject matter expert from Ability Counts, the Diamond Bar team focused on product consistency, operator comfort and employee usability. The result was a device called The Fastener. This device enables employees to assemble five nut and bolt pairs simultaneously – taking their subject matter expert's count from 60 sets per hour to 100 sets per hour. The Fastener's color-coded slots and bins and one-push mechanism make it easy to operate, and it has led to greater comfort and consistency across the board. The ease of use with this device has opened up opportunities for employees that had trouble with this task before, and the team's SME has experienced an increase not just in productivity and consistency, but also in his own on-the-job satisfaction.

Second Place

School Name: Copley High School
Partner Organization: Weaver ProPak 
Project: Bracket Tightening Assembly System

Third Place

School Name: Marquette Catholic High School
Partner Organization: Challenge Unlimited, Inc.
Project: The Shox

Fourth Place

School Name: Diamond Bar High School
Partner Organization: FRW Industrial Support Systems
Project: Trifling with Rifle Badges

Fifth Place

School Name: Marquette Catholic High School
Partner Organization: Challenge Unlimited, Inc.
Project: My Cleaning Buddy

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