SourceAmerica 2021 Virtual Conference “Know Before the Show” Attendee Guide

To ensure you are ready for the conference to kick-off, we have outlined some helpful tips for your convenience.

Attendee Hub: Navigating the Conference

Login to the Attendee Hub before the first day, so that you’re ready to go Monday morning. The Hub will enable attendees to create a personalized calendar, connect with others across the platform, and smoothly navigate from session to session. View this video for tips to navigate the Virtual Attendee Hub.

GrubHub: Lunch is on us!

Each paid registrant will receive a $30 credit per day from Grubhub for three days - Monday, May 17, Tuesday, May 18, and Wednesday, May 19. Check your email for further details on how to access the credit!

Virtual SWAG Box

Dive inside your Attendee Experience Box – there’s so much to explore!

Platform and Download Requirements: Which browser should I use?
Navigating Tips: Pre-Event Webinar
Meeting Etiquette and Dress Code
Networking, Prizes, and Expo Hall
Surveys and Feedback
Training Incentive Program (TIP)
After the Conference
Support Staff
Virtual Meeting FAQs

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